Welcome to The Clarion Approach!

Candy Troutman

Hello! I’m honored you took the time to spend a few minutes here.

Whether you’re looking for a speaker for your next event, a ghost writer for your blog, some help with your social media management or a chat with someone to help you see around corners in your personal, spiritual or business life, you’ll find my “approach” to be encouraging and truthful.

“Clarion” derives from three Latin words:
the noun clario (trumpet)
the adjective clarus (bright or clear)
the verb claro (to make clear)

I am a Voice …

I am a voice of inspiration …  to awaken, arouse, quicken something previously lying dormant inside.

I am a voice for speaking truth … hearing and consuming truth leads to our transformation.

I am a voice of clarity … I can often see around the blind corners in life to plow through or avoid obstacles and shorten the journey to being joy-filled and having impact.

I am a voice of perspective … I can cut through the drama and encourage others to step outside their current situation to see the bigger picture.

I am a voice of simplicity and intentionality … we are often overwhelmed by our cluttered calendars and homes, leading to cluttered minds and restless souls. We can choose differently.

I would love to explore how we might partner together for our good.


Candy, you are a blessing. You delivered God’s message with joy, tears and love.

Bernie Hoover

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