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                                     Candy Troutman

The Clarion Approach issues a clear and stirring call to navigate life and business well. How may I serve you?

• Event Planners: You’ve been tasked with providing personal and/or professional value for your event attendees. Its success depends on you. Your search for a speaker has brought you here.

Candy believes that if you can speak, you can influence. And
influence changes lives. As a speaker, her desire is for transformed lives.

Transformation: the process of changing completely the character or appearance of something in order to improve it.

She is an engaging and seasoned speaker who will bring wisdom, humor, energy and inspiration to your event.  Book a Discovery Appt

• You are stressed out and worried about money. It’s starting to affect your job performance. You’re wondering where your money goes every month. You’ve tried on your own but don’t see a way out. You’re looking for hope for your financial future.

Candy is a Dave Ramsey Certified Financial Coach. She will come alongside to • instill hope • give you a practical and proven path to financial peace and • be your biggest cheerleader. #nojudgmentzone  Book a Complimentary Consultation Appt

• You need a strong online presence and brand awareness for your business or organization. You wear many hats and are struggling with work/life balance. Time is not your friend.

Candy loves the title “Digital Conversationalist” and specializes in Social Media Management for the small and micro business, as well as more traditional businesses. Book a Discovery Appt

Burned out? Overwhelmed? Grappling with an important decision?
Challenging relationships? Thinking about starting a business? Need some perspective?

Candy has the heart of a mentor and has an experienced eye to help you see around corners in your personal & professional lives. Book a Complimentary Consultation Appt

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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