Breakthrough … the Short Version

My faith breakthrough … I call it “the swirling.” I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was a child and have always wanted to reflect Him by living a growing Christian life. But when I was 38, I became especially troubled spiritually and I couldn’t explain it. I had lost my peace.

I describe it by picturing a tornado swirling right in front of my face. I would see “issues” and “vague thoughts” come to the front so I could see them, then they would swirl away again before I could grasp them. I knew God wanted to teach me something.

After finally learning to spend time with Him on a regular basis, learning not to be afraid of quietness and solitude, reading the Bible, journaling my thoughts through to conclusion, learning to be still and listen, surrendering my selfish will to His purposes, being willing to make the changes that made me more like Christ, the swirling slowed and gradually came to a stop.

What did I learn? Consistently sit at Jesus’ feet, learn what His voice sounds like, it’s not all about me, relax in that loving relationship and reap the benefits of a joyful journey of faith.

Published by Candy Troutman

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