Self Care: do you practice it?

Self Care

Stop right now and take a moment to become aware of your physical body.

Are you uncomfortable? Are you hungry? How do your feet feel in your shoes? Bra strap? Do you smell nice? Is your skin scratchy? Do you feel fatigued? Got a torn nail that is driving you crazy? Are your shoulders tense? Any pain? How does your outfit make you feel today? Maybe you just finished exercising and you’re exhausted but exhilarated! Or cooked or baked up a storm as a love gift to your family and you’re tired but delighted. And maybe there are a few out there who smell nice, feel soft, are perfectly manicured and feeling fine!

Do you find it difficult to focus on your physical body?

What are you going to do about it? Have you ever stopped to think that something should be done about it? Will you carry on being uncomfortable and troubled? Will you go to bed that way? Our mental and emotional and physical health is all intertwined. A stressed mind can contribute to an uncomfortable body. And ill-fitting shoes or bras can contribute to a restless mind. These things can overflow to our husbands and children and co-workers and friends and are reflected back to us.

What can take you from uncomfortable or restless to cozy and peaceful? For me it is having on as few clothes as possible, spa or chamber music and any association with water … the sound of it, the weightlessness of it, the warmth or coolness of it, the quietness of it. What is it for you?

Here are some lovely things:
Aroma therapy
Dimmed lights
Hot or cool bath or shower
Manicure or pedicure
Fresh hairstyle
Get a new bra, for heaven’s sake
An old black and white movie
Nap with a pillow and blanket
Cuddle with ________________ (husband, child, pet … you choose)

Enjoy some intensely-flavored foods

Just a couple of bites of any of these fruits, savored and truly tasted, can change your whole outlook on life today! They have zest and energy and joy in them! Truly! Make it an eating “event” instead of just a snack. Bite, taste, chew, taste, savor, chew, swallow. Any happy memories coming up? Are your jaws tingling?

* citrus fruits
* peach
* berries of any kind
* watermelon
* Granny Smith apple

Sometimes we have to learn to care for ourselves. Women are always caring for everyone else. Make your own list of cozy peaceful so you know what to do when you need it. Don’t let discomfort be the norm. Let it lead you back to self care.

“Casting all your care on Him, for He cares for you.” I Peter 5:7

Do you have other caring verses you’d like to share?

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2 thoughts on “Self Care: do you practice it?

  1. Thanks for your inspiration. I forget to check it out but enjoy reading when I do. Is there a way to subscribe so I know when you write a new one. Don’t understand what subscribing via RSS.


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