I Am Guest Posting Today!

Candy blogs: Join me over at Sheila Wray Gregoire’s blog, “Becoming a Christian Women’s Speaker“. I have the priviilege of guest posting! Sheila is a wonderful speaker trainer and I’m so grateful that the Lord has made us friends. She has been an answer to prayer for me. If you are interested in becoming a speaker, I highly recommend her training. She is also on Facebook and Twitter.

My topic is about dealing with denominational differences as a speaker. An important topic. It’s so vital to promote and maintain unity in the Body of Christ as we speak forth the Word.

Thanks for stopping by! Your comments are always so very much appreciated. You can leave comments on this post or over on Sheila’s blog.

Pray for me as I travel, speak and sing for Stonecroft this week in eastern Oregon.

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3 thoughts on “I Am Guest Posting Today!

  1. Loved your tips… left a further comment there. And as for treating each encounter as one in which we’re representing Christ, you’ve done that for me recently, and I can’t tell you how much your e-mails have meant to me. They buoyed me along in a particularly difficult time. thanks!


  2. Wow that is such an important topic! You’ve been trained by Stonecroft. That’s wonderful! And you sing, what even more beautiful gifting the Lord blessed you with! I had a coordinator ask me if I could sing. I had to be honest and say no, and therefore did not get booked for that event for they could only pay for one person and wanted someone who could sing and speak. Saying a prayer for your travel and speaking and singing engagement.


    1. Hello Shonda ~ How wonderful that you stopped by! Yes, Stonecroft is definitely an important part of my speaking experience! They are a wonderful organization. I do enjoy singing! Music has always been huge in my family. It’s one of God’s great gifts to us. I ame enjoying getting to know you ladies over at Step Up. Blessings, friend!



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