A Call to Prayer

Leaving a Legacy
Candy blogs: Speaking Update … I invite you to pray with me. I leave for Sun Valley on Friday for weekend #2 at Camp Sawtooth with lovely ladies from Idaho and Utah! I couldn’t be more excited!

Pray for the Retreat:
… the leadership team who will work hard physcially and spiritually this weekend.
… that God will break down barriers to the ladies attending.
… for safe travels and open hearts.
… that God will let the ladies know their life stories have impact and meaning.
… eternal value from this retreat for these precious ladies.

Pray for Candy:
… clarity as I trim a couple of the talks.
… physical strength as there are stairs to climb and a lot of uneven ground for loading/unloading the car (my poor knees!).
… energy in presentation.
… connection with women’s hearts.

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Joy Stuff … “No unhappy or tragic situation in one’s life can alter that assurance, so joy can shine, even through tear-filled eyes.” Shirley Bertholf, Eager to be Free


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