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Candy blogs: I am honored to be guest posting on our church’s Renewal Weekend website blog. Renewal has been on all our hearts and minds for weeks now as preparation and prayer have saturated our church body.

Next weekend will be an entire weekend devoted to intense spiritual growth and renewal as a church family. I have been praying for the willingness to hear Truth. And not only to hear it, but to know what living that new Truth would look like in my life. I want clarity, not vague and tired cookie cutter traditions and patterns. I say this often, but we don’t want to play church. Time is growing shorter … world events are deeply troubling … we must be about Kingdom business.

Give us ears to hear. You will find my post here: Renewal 2010 Blog

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One thought on “Guest Posting …

  1. You know what I love most about the word Renewal? If you add another e in the middle and another l at the end, you get ReneeWall… he he he. Moving on… I so look forward to experiencing this weekend with you my friend. I am praying for God’s power to work in MY life. I want renewal, not because it would be emotionally uplifting, but because I need it. I need it to be victorious in my everyday decisions, reactions, thoughts…. everything. Not only do I need daily renewal, but I need these kind of intensive renewals. I have been preparing and I am sooo excited.


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