#40Yearsin40Days 1984

#40Yearsin40Days  We actually arrived in Aurora, Colorado in the winter of 1983 … a week before the moving truck arrived. We slept on the floor, took turns sitting on a foot stool, cooked from thrift store pots & pans and ate from paper plates.

Aurora, ColoradoWe started attending Meadowood Free Methodist Church and found a loving home there. The people at Meadowood shared hospitality freely and we made lifelong friends. It was a place that allowed leadership to develop and bloom. I settled into worship leading, serving on the Board and Christian Education. I worked full time as an office manager/bookkeeper at an Aurora company.

Scott was excited to be working for a major country radio station in a major market – KYGO – going back to his usual radio name of Scott Douglas. I thought it was so cool to be in a store playing the radio station and hearing my husband’s voice. I would look around and think, “Hey! Everyone in this store! That’s MY husband!” We enjoyed many perks at KYGO, from free concerts to weekends in the mountains to airline tickets home for Christmas. Scott introduced many famous country artists at their concerts as they came through town. He even got into the country thing and bought a cowboy hat and boots for remotes and appearances. In Denver, these could be worn with a suit for a “formal” look. LOL! Bet you’d like to see Scott dressed this way. Can’t. Don’t have any. #deepregrets

During these years, Scott stayed home with the kids during the day while I worked and as soon as I got home, he went off to work his evening shift at the station.

1984 was the year of playing “musical family”. My brother had another assignment at Lowry AFB so they came to live with us again. We truly enjoyed this time. We both had two kids the same ages. We loved raising the kids together.


Cousin Staci turns 1



We bought our first house in Aurora at the fabulous interest rate of 12%. This was truly a good rate in 1984. And we and the Floyds packed up and moved to another part of Aurora.

Scott’s sister also lived with us for a time during 1984. She needed us and we were glad to have her with us. We were one big, happy family!

Easter Sunday

A highlight of this year was a Bertholf family reunion in McCall, Idaho. We camped at Ponderosa State Park. Abbey wasn’t walking yet. Let’s just say it was busy. But we had the most wonderful time all together. My grandpa Ken Bertholf dedicated Abbey to the Lord with the family all around.

We settled in to a wonderful life …

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