#40Yearsin40Days 1985

#40Yearsin40Days  1985 marks some notable happenings. Scott finally got another motorcycle! Honda, of course. We always loved our cycle rides BK (before kids) and we were struggling with having only one vehicle. The motorcycle became Scott’s primary mode of transportation in all kinds of weather. He had all the right equipment and apparel; he was an excellent driver and safely navigated all that Denver traffic and Colorado weather.

Adam & Abbey love Dad’s motorcycle

We got a swing set for the back yard …

Our kids had feet shaped like bricks. They were short and wide. We couldn’t just buy 99 cent shoes at the grocery store. No, we had to buy them from the doctor’s office in triple wide. We finally got Abbey a pair of these shoes and she took off walking. She walked all over with great delight. #busybusy

Being first time homeowners, we knew nothing about owning a home. We decided to plant some things next to the house in the back yard and dug away much of the soil. That summer and fall when the afternoon thunderstorms would hit, the water flooded in through the basement window wells. Not fun for our family living down there. We used every towel in the house to clean it up. And this happened several times. We had no idea that this was happening because we had lowered the level of soil around the window wells and this was what was allowing the water to come in. Some wise friend told us what was happening and Scott rented a backhoe thing and piled up the dirt around the window wells. After that we were flood free!

My sister, Teri, was married this year in McPherson, Kansas.

And life was good.

Abbey & Daddy








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