#40YearsIn40Days 1986

#40YearsIn40Days  1986 was very much life as usual.

 Some things I remember …

Big Tax law changes: I stopped doing taxes for people. I didn’t want to learn these new changes and take on the responsibility.

Motorcycle ride to Oregon: Hold on to your shorts people but Scott took Adam, then six years old, on a cross county motorcycle trip from Colorado to Oregon. He rigged a seat belt, strapped a suitcase to the back and off they went. They stopped in Boise to visit family on the way and made it to Oregon where they visited the Troutman family. Abbey and I held down the fort at home and prayed a lot.

motorcycle trip CO to OR

Some historical things I can remember: Space Shuttle Challenger tragedy, Halley’s Comet appeared, Chernobyl nuclear disaster, Iran Contra scandal, The Statue of Liberty reopened after being closed for several years while they refurbished it


Estes Park

Family had come for IYC (International Youth Convention) so we drove over to spend some time with them. Scott gave motorcycle rides, of course

Abbs cuteness-Adam clutching his jets








#TammyFayeOhMy  #TopGunOhMy

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