#40Yearsin40Days 1987

#40Yearsin40Days  By 1987, my sister, Tami and then my parents and sister, Bethany, had moved to Denver. My parents and Bethany were living with us and we settled into a new normal. My mOm (this is how we spell mom in our family) did the shopping and I did the cooking. We played a lot of Pinochle! And we laughed a lot. mOm and I led worship together on Sunday evenings at church. She played the piano and organized the music and song sets and I led the singing in this “new” worship style with “praise music”. By this time my role as the Christian Education Director at church, leading worship, working full time, having two young kids and a busy radio husband was beginning to take its toll.

Fun birthday celebration in the back yard

Some normal Troutman stuff …

Playing airplane on Dad while Mom worked logic problems
Nesting … you’ll still see this today









A visit from Scott’s mom
A trip to G&G Bertholf’s in Idaho for Thanksgiving. We drove over to visit Camp Sanders while we were there.














Oh, my stars, I remember the Compaq computer came out in 1987! And I worked for a stock brokerage company when Black Monday hit in October. I didn’t really understand the significance of it then. And I remember something about a barge of garbage floating along the east coast trying to get someone to take care of it. Who does that?!

And who could forget that they FINALLY brought #StarTrek back with Star Trek: The Next Generation. We didn’t really like it at first but it grew on us and we were thrilled to continue our Star Trek addiction.

#TearDownThisWall  #PrincesBride  #MichaelJordan #JohnElwayTheDrive #GoBroncos

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