#40Yearsin40ishDays 1992

#40Yearsin40ishDays  1992 brought another move. Can you believe it?! When we look back, neither can we. By then, I was an expert at packing up houses and organizing moving crews. The school the kids had to go was a long bus ride away. It wasn’t even part of our community. The boundaries were crazy as there were schools much closer to us.

Abbey called this the pink house. (It was pink back then.) She took her first year of piano lessons while we lived here. With more trepidation in my own heart than in Adam’s, I’m sure, Adam started junior high and became the new singing sensation in the school choir.

My sister, Tami, was married this year in California.







We did a lot of camping through the years with our New Heights family at Camp Cascade in Donnelly, ID. It was the perfect way to bond together. Our little motorcycle was popular with everyone. Our old camper was like a tank. Scott drove it up the old switchback highway, before the newer, safer one was built. The kids later told us they hunkered down in the camper and didn’t look out the windows because they couldn’t see the ground. It was quite a “thrill” ride every time, even for us in the cab who COULD see the ground.

Once a year we held church at camp. Some people camped for the weekend and some drove up that morning. Such warm memories with ministry partners and lifelong friends …

The handiwork of the Ramsey family … pole furniture … making things easier for everyone.

Original Worship Team

New Heights now had an annual picnic and baptismal service at Barber Park. This was the year Abbey was baptized. This was an important spiritual milestone and a memory I hold close in my heart.

Abbey is baptized

We capped off this year with Christmas in Kansas. It was fun getting to know Tami’s new husband. My parents managed a motel so it was a pleasant place with plenty of room to gather. #games #pool #feast #family #FlowersbyTeri

#BillClinton #Windows3.1

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