#40Yearsin40ishDays 1993

#40Yearsin40ishDays  1993 and that means our last move for the next 24 years and counting! Hooray! We finally grew up, bought a house and settled down.

Saying goodbye to our last rental house

Scott began to teach himself about computers. He tore them apart and put them back together. He read books. He discovered the rudimentary beginnings of the World Wide Web with room chats and the library. He loved the fax “scream”. He threw himself into this new hobby and even had a little business on the side.

He tried to persuade everyone to have a computer. He finally talked my mom, his step mom and his step dad into getting computers. His parents never did fall in love with computers but his mom often talked about how Scott would build “computers” out of boxes and Christmas lights when he was a boy. Scott talks about being encouraged by his maternal grandfather in this new found electrical hobby, building things with kits. He remembers hooking up a “panic button” in a house their family lived in. It was for emergencies. His fascination with electricity and electronics eventually gave him the career he has enjoyed for many years.

This year Abbey was recommended by her music teacher to audition for the All City Honor Choir and was accepted. What fun we had listening to their concerts! We were very proud of our talented singer/pianist daughter. We loved passing on our musical heritage to the next generation. We have always loved giving and receiving the joy of music, and having our children know that joy was and is priceless.

Abbey’s All City Honor Choir

Adam ventured into football this year but his main squeeze was still music. I was glad because I couldn’t bear the painful grunting and crunching as all us parents followed the action up and down the field.

Adam at Choir Festival







Candy worked at the Red Cross chapter office as their bookkeeper







#Waco #EuropeanUnion #BeanieBabies

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