#40Yearsin40ishDays 1994-1995

#40Yearsin40ishDays 1994 & 1995  Two short years in one …


My sister, Bethany, was married in 1994 in Kansas. We’re all married now!

Adam with his singing buddies at the finale concert of his freshman year. #InTheStilloftheNight

Jr High Quartet

#ForestGump  #ChannelTunnel #TonyaHarding #NorthridgeEarthquake


These pictures are a snapshot (forgive the pun) of our life in 1995:

My grandparents celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary

Ken & Blanche Bertholf 60th

I worked at a new church plant in Meridian as the office manager/bookkeeper. They ran the same campaign as New Heights had five years earlier, only I was the office “team”. LOL! I assembled all the lists, created all the mailers and even did some time on the phones. Scott and Abbey also helped out on their first worship team to get them started. We’d been hauling those drums around for 18 years, and that’s just since we were married.

We still attended New Heights.
Abbey piano recital
Hot Tub fun
Goodbye to the Martins – we had tall friends

#OklahomaCity #IfTheGloveDontFitYouMustAcquit #BaseballStrikeandLifeWentOn #Windows95 #WelcomeDVD #OMGBraveHeart

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