#40Yearsin40ishDays 1998

#40Yearsin40ishDays  1998 … a year of milestones

Scott and I turned 40! Kind of traumatic so I decided to throw a birthday bash. Our house was filled with friends and family and, for one night, it was the perfect way to deny turning 40. Just another birthday for Scott. LOL!

Candy 40th birthday bash
Scott 40th birthday
Scott’s 40th birthday with our friends, the Schneregers












Adam graduates from high school! The first one out of the nest. It was an emotional year as I tried to be fully in each moment and ponder them in my heart. I followed him around everywhere with my camera. We had a big party to celebrate. Adam’s band, Vote for Eduardo, played. Yes!

Adam graduates from Capital High
Adam Graduation

… and then moves out! What a transition to suddenly be the parents of a young adult. Another new season for us. It took some time to learn how to be the backup plan instead of steer the ship. This season was harder for us than being brand, new parents. The learning to let go. There is much too much hovering and enabling and stifling adulthood in parenthood today. We have to let our children go so they can be strong and independent. They need to make their own way and begin sharing their glorious selves with the world.

… plenty of toilet paper

The first ever Wendt family reunion (Scott’s mother’s family) in Bend, Oregon

Wendt reunion smith rock 1998-3 even closer

#HurricaneFloyd #Euro #ImpeachmentTrial #Columbine #BarbieTurns40Too

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