Communication • Clarity • Connection

“These three words have always been part of my life in some way. I am a “moment catcher” and believe that the best form of communication is a bright smile! I have enjoyed years of communicating professionally through public speaking, as well as through many volunteer opportunities. I’ve been described as a truthful encourager. Communication also takes me into the writing and social media management mediums.

I have a passion for helping people see around corners and break through the fog and confusion into the clarity that leads to personal, spiritual and professional success.

I believe we were created for community. We flourish when we align ourselves with healthy people. We slowly die in isolation. Connection must be nurtured.

I married my high school sweetheart and together we raised two fantastic kids.”


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Ten Things About Me You Might Not Already Know

10 – I make award-winning chili. I don’t like to cook but I’m pretty good at it. Pinterest and cooking shows are my friends.
9 – I hate talking on the phone, oh, yes, I do. Email, text or Facebook message me.
8 – Have I mentioned Diet Pepsi yet?
7 – I love anything to do with water … hearing it, being in it, around it, under it, looking at it. It’s my happy place.
6 – I’m a singer. It’s always been an honor to connect with people through song. Music reaches through all barriers between people.
5 – I’m a spelling and grammar freak. I often have to look away on Facebook.
4 – Unlike most women, chocolate is NOT my favorite treat. I much prefer (not in any particular order) white cake, donuts or cinnamon rolls.
3 – I believe that northern Idaho is the most beautiful place on earth. I spent summers there with my grandparents as a child and teenager soaking in its beauty and peace. I’m a Pacific Northwest girl: rivers, lakes, mountains, forests, meadows and HUCKLEBERRIES.
2 – I hate scary, gory movies. Also dirty, sweaty, slimy movies. What is the point?! However, I am a Trekkie to the core.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Amazing how alike we are. I agree with everything except I don’t do water aroebics (would like to, though) and northern Idaho is not the most beautiful area for me. While it is beautiful, I prefer the beautiful Oregon coast and the McKenzie River pass–two different landscapes. Maybe it’s because of all my wonderful memories there.

    Otherwise, I match everything on your list. Plus we both love and know music and like to write. Don’t know if you like road trips, I love them. I hate to fly. Will be flying to Omak for Thanksgiving…see you then. Hope your drive is safe.

    …hate this font; how can I change it? Got rid of the arthritis in my knees with supplements…loving it.


  2. I have to agree that Northern Idaho is beautiful! I grew up there, and I wish we could go back (though Boise has grown on me). Thank you for your blog. It is down to earth and reminds me of what is important. Love Ya!


  3. I’m just the opposite about decisions, at least most of them. I tend to think of all the angles and have a hard time coming to a decision.

    LOVE chocolate. 🙂 I’m with ya on the gory movies.

    My husband is from southern Idaho.

    I can’t do anything with creme de menthe. When I was having gall bladder attacks, They thought it was just severe indigestion at first, and gave me this stuff with creme de menthe flavoring. I couldn’t keep it down — and now that flavor is forever associated with that to me. But that just leaves more for you. 🙂


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