Joy Stealer

There are many joy stealers but the biggest one in our lives used to be money. When we were married in 1977 we received dozens of credit card offers. We opened accounts everywhere. We lived our young adult lives buying furniture and taking trips and making all kinds of purchases. Soon we had debt thatContinue reading “Joy Stealer”

Breakthrough … the Short Version

My faith breakthrough … I call it “the swirling.” I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was a child and have always wanted to reflect Him by living a growing Christian life. But when I was 38, I became especially troubled spiritually and I couldn’t explain it. I had lost my peace. I describeContinue reading “Breakthrough … the Short Version”

Our Occupation for Eternity

“We must learn how to worship. It will be our occupation for eternity.” Dr. David Jeremiah Worship is easily misunderstood today. Most of us think of worship as the music portion of a church service. “Wasn’t the worship great today?” or “We could never go to that church; we don’t like the worship.” We evenContinue reading “Our Occupation for Eternity”


 Candy blogs: Today all the electronic connections in the office went down, even the phones were down so we couldn’t even make an announcement that everything was down! The power was still on but we couldn’t connect to it. We all groaned and whined and bemoaned all the work that wouldn’t get done or wouldContinue reading “Unplugged”