40 Years

#40Yearsin40Days 1988

#40Yearsin40Days  1988 was a pivotal year for our little family. Huge and difficult changes. The first was that we both turned 30. Whoa. It actually happened. We couldn't believe it. No, we'll never forget 1988.                   We had a wonderful Bertholf family reunion at Golden Bell Camp in… Continue reading #40Yearsin40Days 1988


#40Yearsin40Days 1987

#40Yearsin40Days  By 1987, my sister, Tami and then my parents and sister, Bethany, had moved to Denver. My parents and Bethany were living with us and we settled into a new normal. My mOm (this is how we spell mom in our family) did the shopping and I did the cooking. We played a lot… Continue reading #40Yearsin40Days 1987

40 Years

#40YearsIn40Days 1986

#40YearsIn40Days  1986 was very much life as usual.  Some things I remember ... Big Tax law changes: I stopped doing taxes for people. I didn't want to learn these new changes and take on the responsibility. Motorcycle ride to Oregon: Hold on to your shorts people but Scott took Adam, then six years old, on… Continue reading #40YearsIn40Days 1986

40 Years

#40Yearsin40Days 1985

#40Yearsin40Days  1985 marks some notable happenings. Scott finally got another motorcycle! Honda, of course. We always loved our cycle rides BK (before kids) and we were struggling with having only one vehicle. The motorcycle became Scott's primary mode of transportation in all kinds of weather. He had all the right equipment and apparel; he was… Continue reading #40Yearsin40Days 1985

40 Years

#40Yearsin40Days 1984

#40Yearsin40Days  We actually arrived in Aurora, Colorado in the winter of 1983 ... a week before the moving truck arrived. We slept on the floor, took turns sitting on a foot stool, cooked from thrift store pots & pans and ate from paper plates. Aurora, ColoradoWe started attending Meadowood Free Methodist Church and found a… Continue reading #40Yearsin40Days 1984