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Google Search Story

Candy blogs: One of my passions is leaving an intentional legacy. Everyone has a story and, once again, Sheila Wray Gregoire has introduced me to a new way to tell different parts of it and see the stories of others. It's the Google search story that, after it is created, is automatically uploaded to You-Tube!… Continue reading Google Search Story

Just for Fun, Your Spirit

The Joy of Reunion

Candy blogs: Today I take a personal point of privilege. I've been browsing through time, reflecting on times past, remembering young love and beautiful music. I spent the last weekend of June, 2011 at, of all places, a high school choir reunion. This was not the usual class reunion where you come with high expectations… Continue reading The Joy of Reunion

Just for Fun

300th Ministry Facebook Page Friend

Candy blogs: Perhaps it's a silly, shallow thing but an encouraging one nonetheless. Today we welcomed our 300th Facebook Ministry Page friend, Rebecca Carrell!  She is a new friend and I'm looking forward to getting to know her and her minisrty. Rebecca, I would love to send you a book written by another online friend… Continue reading 300th Ministry Facebook Page Friend

Just for Fun, Your Spirit

Feeling Random

Candy blogs: I am feeling random today. I can't seem to focus. But, as always, many things are flying through my mind! ~ have you viewed your free annual credit report this year? Very important, with identity theft being so common and threatening, to know what is going on in your credit life. Takes about… Continue reading Feeling Random

Just for Fun

Random Dozen Meme

I've been learning about memes but have never participated before. I saw that Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee had created a Random Dozen meme that looked like a great place to try it out. And what a great blog, too. I'm a new follower. Thanks, Barbara! 1. When you go to Wowmart, what one… Continue reading Random Dozen Meme