Reflections from a Busy Season

Candy blogs: I am just now coming out of one of the busiest seasons I have ever experienced. I've been driving full force since December and it has been unavoidable. The "D" or "lion" part of my personality has literally pulled me through these months. I have missed the "I" or "otter" part of my… Continue reading Reflections from a Busy Season


A Call to Prayer

Candy blogs: Speaking Update ... I invite you to pray with me. I leave for Sun Valley on Friday for weekend #2 at Camp Sawtooth with lovely ladies from Idaho and Utah! I couldn't be more excited! Pray for the Retreat: ... the leadership team who will work hard physcially and spiritually this weekend. ...… Continue reading A Call to Prayer


Candy Speaks

Candy blogs: I invite you to pray for me. A week from tonight I'll be speaking at a women's retreat in Sun Valley, Idaho. I've been blessed and inspired during these months of preparation. I've been praying for the event organizers and those precious gals who will be coming from Idaho and Utah. My desire… Continue reading Candy Speaks

Interview, Speaker, Your Spirit

Interview: Christy Bower, author of Best Friends with God

I am honored to present an interview and book review with Christy Bower, author of Best Friends with God: Falling in Love with the God who Loves You. I first met Christy by accidentally running across her blog when I was learning what blogs were and searching out blogs to follow. We had many of… Continue reading Interview: Christy Bower, author of Best Friends with God