The Fruit of the Spirit Postcards … intro

Candy blogs: I was so changed by Beth Moore’s study, Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit, that I was inspired to create these postcards. I had a special person in mind to send them to when I thought of making them. But I think they’re worth sharing with everyone. I’ll share oneContinue reading “The Fruit of the Spirit Postcards … intro”

Thelma Wells Book Winner is …

Candy Blogs: Using to generate a random number, the winner of Thelma Wells’ book, “Ready to Win Over Depression” is … Kathleen Kohler! Kathleen is a new e-friend; she is a writer who speaks. Someday soon we’re going to have lunch somewhere between Boise and Seattle! Thank you to all who stopped by myContinue reading “Thelma Wells Book Winner is …”