Your Children, Your Family

It’s Baack … Beloved but Busy

Candy blogs: It's baack ... fall ... the beloved but busiest season in most of our lives. For many this Labor Day weekend was the last hoorah to a more relaxed schedule. We're sorry to see the summer go but always look forward to a change in the weather, getting back to a routine and enjoying the… Continue reading It’s Baack … Beloved but Busy

Your Children

A Mother Ponders

Candy blogs: This year has been a different year for me as a mother. Another season of learning to let go. I often wonder how far a mother's heart can be stretched but there always seems to be enough there to stretch as far as it needs to go. It never diminishes but continues to… Continue reading A Mother Ponders

Your Children, Your Family, Your Spirit

Our Legacy, Our Heartsong

When my daughter, Abbey, was about 12 years old, she came to me with a very worried look on her face. I asked her what the matter was. She pointed to her neck and with an absolutely horrified look asked, “What do you think THIS is?” After an experienced motherly investigation of her neck, I… Continue reading Our Legacy, Our Heartsong

Your Children, Your Marriage

Priorities: 1-2-3 I love this article by Barbara Rainey on Family Life Today! (I would copy it here but don't want to violate copyright laws. So please follow the link to read the article.) I get a daily email about marriage from Family Life and they are very encouraging. My ears are burning from listening to… Continue reading Priorities: 1-2-3

Your Children, Your Family

Somewhere in Time …

Lately I have been slightly lost in time. I've been remembering the past and dreaming about the future. There have been times in my life where I think I've actually experienced "visions" (sounds creepy, I know, but I mean it in the most normal way possible). When I first became a Creative Memories Consultant and… Continue reading Somewhere in Time …