Your Family, Your Legacy

Family Reunion 2017

Ah, the family reunion ... anticipated by some, dreaded by a few and ignored by many. 'Tis the season. I just returned from mine and I agree with George: “A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” -George Bernard Shaw Reunion defined: a gathering of friends, or associates at regular intervals or after separation. My mother's… Continue reading Family Reunion 2017

Your Family, Your Simple & Intentional Life

The Gift of Presence

Candy blogs: Everyone wants Christmas to be meaningful. We say it every year. I certainly have. We long for Christmases past. I have very strong memories of Christmases at my grandparents’ house in northern Idaho, with all the aunts & uncles and cousins. After eight hours of driving ... down the last stretch of dirt road …… Continue reading The Gift of Presence

Your Family, Your Legacy

Alive with Color

Candy blogs: Last night I dug out a book I hadn't looked at in a while. Inside was an envelope with my random mixture of abbreviations and old shorthand phrases. A couple of years ago we were traveling and I had heard a song on the radio that completely drew me in at the time.… Continue reading Alive with Color

Your Family, Your Simple & Intentional Life

Sabbath Rest

Candy blogs: Once again, I have missed sharing on this blog for too long. This has been a year of huge changes in our lives. I have had to take myself up on my own advice by working intentionlly on rest and balance. And our pastor has been teaching on Sabbath rest. What a blessing… Continue reading Sabbath Rest

Your Family, Your Spirit, Your Work

See Candy?

Candy blogs: See, Candy? You're not the only one at Wal-Mart at 5:45 a.m. There are many other people here snatching bits of time for family needs. See Candy? I am answering your prayers for provision through honorable work. See Candy? My plans for you don't preclude your inner circle ... your immediate family and… Continue reading See Candy?