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Unplugged: Re-Posted from July 2009

Candy blogs: Today all the electronic connections in the office went down, even the phones were down so we couldn't even make an announcement that everything was down! The power was still on but we couldn't connect to it. We all groaned and whined and bemoaned all the work that wouldn't get done or would… Continue reading Unplugged: Re-Posted from July 2009


Reflections from a Busy Season

Candy blogs: I am just now coming out of one of the busiest seasons I have ever experienced. I've been driving full force since December and it has been unavoidable. The "D" or "lion" part of my personality has literally pulled me through these months. I have missed the "I" or "otter" part of my… Continue reading Reflections from a Busy Season

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It’s Baack … Beloved but Busy

Candy blogs: It's baack ... fall ... the beloved but busiest season in most of our lives. For many this Labor Day weekend was the¬†last hoorah to a more relaxed schedule. We're sorry to see the summer go but always¬†look forward to a change in the weather, getting back to a routine and enjoying the… Continue reading It’s Baack … Beloved but Busy

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When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best

Candy blogs: I don't know about you but I'm a sucker for a sentimental greeting card. I don't really care for the funny kind. I like the sappy kind, the kind that makes me "leak" or "rain" as my step father-in-law would say. Lately I've been going through some "piles" around the house. These piles… Continue reading When You Care Enough to Send the Very Best

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Girl Talk Series #3-Grandma’s Gallon Jar

Candy blogs: My grandparents used to keep a gallon jar on the dresser in their bedroom. As a child, I lived with them for two years around the ages of 7-8. I watched that jar slowly fill up with quarters. (I'm thinking that they kept their other change to give me to wrap up in… Continue reading Girl Talk Series #3-Grandma’s Gallon Jar