Let’s Go There

Candy blogs: The day has finally come … the day that marks the 10 year anniversary of 9-11. Like any bittersweet anniversary, we anticipate yet dread the day. I was at work like any other day on 9-11. Someone in the office heard the first news reports and we all trickled into the conference roomContinue reading “Let’s Go There”

Guest Post: Life, Liberty, Happiness

Guest blog post: I was so taken by my pastor’s message on the 4th of July Sunday that I asked him to share his thoughts, especially about joy, on this blog. I am honored that he said yes! I have loved having Pastor Darrel as my pastor for the last five and a half years.Continue reading “Guest Post: Life, Liberty, Happiness”

Book Giveaway! “Between a Rock a Grace Place” by Carol Kent

** BOOK GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED – THANKS FOR STOPPING BY. IF YOU’D LIKE TO LEAVE A GENERAL COMMENT OR HAVE A QUESTION, YOU CAN DO THAT ON THE GUEST BOOK PAGE. I WOULD BE VERY HAPPY TO GET BACK IN TOUCH WITH YOU. ** I’m so excited to give you the opportunity to winContinue reading “Book Giveaway! “Between a Rock a Grace Place” by Carol Kent”

Thelma Wells-Guest Interview

Candy blogs: I am so honored today to be a host for a blog tour for Thelma Wells’ new book, “Ready to Win Over Depression“! I first heard “Mama T” many years ago at a Women of Faith Conference. She has been a blessing ever since. Her “BEE your best” motto has haunted me forContinue reading “Thelma Wells-Guest Interview”

Is Your Heart Breaking this Christmas?

I’ve been enjoying this beautiful season, especially the music and the quiet peace. But this season is painful for some. It isn’t all lights and presents and magic. This year is different, isn’t it? Our economy has changed things for many. I’ve been doing my share of grieving for broken marriages and families close toContinue reading “Is Your Heart Breaking this Christmas?”