Girl Talk Series…It’s All in Your Head (1)

Candy Blogs: I care deeply about the spiritual journey of women in America. So much depends on the (spiritual and otherwise) health and success of women…marriages, families, friendships, businesses, communities, nations. I make it a point to listen to the conversations of women. I want to hear your struggles and questions and successes and victories.Continue reading “Girl Talk Series…It’s All in Your Head (1)”

Frustrated Lovers (PG13 post)

Candy blogs: For the most part a neglected topic in Christian circles, I’ve recently seen some brave bloggers approach the subject well. A great post can be found at Sheila Gregoire’s blog, To Love, Honor & Vacuum. Thanks for bringing up the subject, Sheila. Marital sexual frustration is a common theme among married couples. ItContinue reading “Frustrated Lovers (PG13 post)”