Let’s Go There

Candy blogs: The day has finally come … the day that marks the 10 year anniversary of 9-11. Like any bittersweet anniversary, we anticipate yet dread the day. I was at work like any other day on 9-11. Someone in the office heard the first news reports and we all trickled into the conference roomContinue reading “Let’s Go There”

Guest Post: Life, Liberty, Happiness

Guest blog post: I was so taken by my pastor’s message on the 4th of July Sunday that I asked him to share his thoughts, especially about joy, on this blog. I am honored that he said yes! I have loved having Pastor Darrel as my pastor for the last five and a half years.Continue reading “Guest Post: Life, Liberty, Happiness”

The Joy of Reunion

Candy blogs: Today I take a personal point of privilege. I’ve been browsing through time, reflecting on times past, remembering young love and beautiful music. I spent the last weekend of June, 2011 at, of all places, a high school choir reunion. This was not the usual class reunion where you come with high expectationsContinue reading “The Joy of Reunion”

Holiday or Holy Day

Candy blogs: I am grateful for time to ponder. I don’t really HAVE the time but I MAKE the time. It helps me live more intentionally. I’ve been pondering another Easter season. Time to make graham cracker cake for ‘the kids’ … time to sing some of my favorite Easter songs … time to wearContinue reading “Holiday or Holy Day”

The Fruit of the Spirit is … Joy

JOY! MY FAVORITE! Psalm 119:111 Your statutes are my heritage forever; they are the joy of my heart. God’s word, the Bible, is where God’s statutes are contained. Being familiar with it is the most important way we can know who God is … the source of our joy. Biblical joy is rooted in eternity.Continue reading “The Fruit of the Spirit is … Joy”