Guest Posting Today

Candy blogs: I am honored to be guest posting today over at my new online friends’, Kevin & Melissa Main’s, blog … MainWriters: Faith and Family. Click here to read it. This is one of my favorite posts written as I was pondering and praising God for freedom in Christ. Kevin and Melissa Main areContinue reading “Guest Posting Today”

Where Holiness Meets Mercy-Part 1

Candy blogs: I recently spoke on the subject of one of God’s almost forgotten character traits … that of His HOLINESS. I preface this by saying that God’s holiness is only one of many of his character traits. I happen to be calling out this one in particular to take a look at today. IContinue reading “Where Holiness Meets Mercy-Part 1”

Rules or Relationship? Obligation or Longing?

Candy blogs: Have you seen the new Facebook “like”? ** Going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car. ** Do you know that 170,000 people have clicked that like button? I have to admit that I am a little put off by it. ItContinue reading “Rules or Relationship? Obligation or Longing?”

Deep Calls Out to Deep

Candy blogs: One of my favorite quotes: “He who is enslaved to the compass has the freedom of the seas.” This saying has been on my computer monitor at work for many years. It has helped me navigate the sometimes murky ethical waters of the corporate world. But I’ve found that it has many applicationsContinue reading “Deep Calls Out to Deep”