Your Spirit


Candy blogs: I used to have a list of things to check off to verify that I was a good Christian. Prayer was on that list. It was right up there with a daily quiet time, going to church, reading the Bible and tithing. Not that there's anything wrong with those things. But for a… Continue reading Conversatin’

Your Spirit

My God Never Changes

Candy blogs: In finally gathering all my writings from all over the house and all over my computer into one place, I stumbled upon this bit of journaling from 1997. It was another milestone, a monument in my spiritual journey, that I can now look back on to celebrate a new direction. My God never… Continue reading My God Never Changes


Candy Speaks

Candy blogs: I invite you to pray for me. A week from tonight I'll be speaking at a women's retreat in Sun Valley, Idaho. I've been blessed and inspired during these months of preparation. I've been praying for the event organizers and those precious gals who will be coming from Idaho and Utah. My desire… Continue reading Candy Speaks