What’s the Point? Look again.

Candy blogs: Brush your teeth! Don’t go over the speed limit! I have to get an A in that class! Wear a helmet! Practice, practice, practice! Stop at the red lights! Exercise! Read more! Eat right! Live within your means! Schedule a regular date night! Spend time in the word! Pray without ceasing! Don’t miss church!  These areContinue reading “What’s the Point? Look again.”

Settling for a Lump of Coal this Christmas?

Candy blogs: Are you enjoying the Christmas spirit yet? Are you loving the music and the snow and the chill in the air and the warmth of friends and family and the JOY of the Lord? Yes? Wonderful! No? What is keeping you from a joy-filled Christmas? Are you grieving? ♥ … the loss ofContinue reading “Settling for a Lump of Coal this Christmas?”

We Are Who We Hang With

Candy blogs:I am me, of course, but I am made up of the influence of people I have spent time with throughout my life. I love to turn back the pages of time and browse through the faces of dear friends and family who have journeyed with me. Each of them was and is aContinue reading “We Are Who We Hang With”

Repost: Somewhere in Time

Candy blogs: As I’ve been preparing for speaking at this upcoming women’s retreat, I’ve been browsing through time a bit. The theme is Because Everyone Has a Story. I thought I would re-post this piece from 2009. Lately I have been slightly lost in time. I’ve been remembering the past and dreaming about the future.Continue reading “Repost: Somewhere in Time”

Frustrated Lovers (PG13 post)

Candy blogs: For the most part a neglected topic in Christian circles, I’ve recently seen some brave bloggers approach the subject well. A great post can be found at Sheila Gregoire’s blog, To Love, Honor & Vacuum. Thanks for bringing up the subject, Sheila. Marital sexual frustration is a common theme among married couples. ItContinue reading “Frustrated Lovers (PG13 post)”