But Will He Make a Way for ME? Part I

Candy blogs: The Israelites are such a great example of what not to do, aren’t they? I remember the first time I read through the entire Bible, I was in my 20’s. I kept stopping to whine to the Lord about what idiots the Israelites were as they wandered around in the desert. God wouldContinue reading “But Will He Make a Way for ME? Part I”

The Fruit of the Spirit is … Gentleness

Candy blogs: Ah, gentleness. The most difficult quality of the fruit of the Spirit for me. I so dreaded this one as it came up in Beth Moore’s study, Living Beyond Yourself. All my life I read about how women are supposed to be gentle and quiet in spirit. I always greatly admired gracious, graceful,Continue reading “The Fruit of the Spirit is … Gentleness”

The Fruit of the Spirit is … Faithfulness

Candy blogs: Faith is one of a Christian’s pillar words, isn’t it? We’ve all heard the word faith over and over. We think we know what it is; we think we have it. Me, too. But when I sat down to really think it through, it got bigger than my mind could grasp. Beth MooreContinue reading “The Fruit of the Spirit is … Faithfulness”

Doubt … troubling

Candy blogs: “What we believe about God”, said the late A.W. Tozer, “is the most important thing about us.” Our belief, or lack of it, will eventually find its way into our actions and attitudes. I came home from a semi-monthly Gathering at our church last night with my mind racing. The topic centered aroundContinue reading “Doubt … troubling”