Thelma Wells Book Winner is …

Candy Blogs: Using to generate a random number, the winner of Thelma Wells’ book, “Ready to Win Over Depression” is …

Kathleen Kohler!
Kathleen is a new e-friend; she is a writer who speaks. Someday soon we’re going to have lunch somewhere between Boise and Seattle!

Thank you to all who stopped by my blog and took the time to comment. Bloggers always so appreciate comments; it’s always encouraging to know that people enjoy and are ministered to by what is written there.

I encourage you to get Thelma’s book!

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I offer services in the areas of public speaking, personal finance coaching, social media management, content creation/copywriting, personal & faith-based mentoring & small business coaching.

One thought on “Thelma Wells Book Winner is …

  1. Candy:
    We’re standing in a place right now that feels a whole lot more like “rule” than “relationship.” Still and yet, without the admonition of Scripture and its valued teaching about the community of believers and the gathering therein, I imagine I’d just bury my head under the covers this coming Sunday morning and call it a win. Last week was an odd fit with my spirit… so much strange and new and not yet familiar. I cried most of the day. That being said, I know that my God is faithful, and that he can and will and longs to be found in this new place. So today, I choose what I know to be true rather than what I feel. It’s a difficult choice, but the only one that makes sense in my personal pursuit of holiness.

    Thanks for being my friend.



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