40 Years

#40Yearsin40Days 1983

#40Yearsin40Days  1983 was all about Abbey. In January, Scott and I were at the district youth retreat at Golden Bell Camp. They served sausage for breakfast which didn’t usually agree with me. And that particular morning I felt light-headed and nauseous. Thinking it was the sausage, I went back to our room to lie down and let it pass. But it didn’t pass. The symptoms returned each morning of the retreat and it began to dawn on me that I may be pregnant! I remember going through each day pondering and savoring this sacred secret. The thought of carrying another baby often took my focus and attention away from the ministry we’d come there to do. When we got home, the doctor confirmed it. There were tears of joy. There would now be four.

By 1983 the Christian radio station Scott worked for had moved the studio to Denver. It was a long commute. The move had expanded Scott’s horizons regarding radio. He grew tired of the controversy of contemporary Christian music, the angry phone calls about the music he played … the pillars of contemporary Christian music … Keith Green, Stryper, Jars of Clay, Petra, Amy Grant, 2nd Chapter of Acts, White Heart, David Meece, Scott Wesley Brown, Wayne Watson, Michael Card, Twila Paris, Randy Stonehill, Kelly Willard, Steve Camp. Scott had branched out into secular radio on weekends.

Then he discovered an opening for a morning show host in Longview, Texas. Yep. We packed up our itsy bitsy duplex and my growing baby bump and high tailed it down to Longview, Texas, where Scott Douglas (his radio name) became Larry of Longview. LOL! We laugh when we think of it now. He was one in a long line of Larrys at KYKX Radio.

goodby Colorado hello Texas

The summer was hot and humid in east Texas and we lived in a second floor apartment. I can still feel the sweat running down my back. I only ventured outside when absolutely necessary. No one would hire my very pregnant self so I worked some “Kelly Girl” assignments and Scott took a second job at night “fronting” in a large grocery store to make ends meet. #MamasDontLetYourBabiesGrowUpToBeDJs #TheresNoMoneyInIt

Adam found playmates and played outside as long as I could see him from high in my second story window. One time I looked outside to check on him just in time to see him going down over the steep driveway on his trike. The driveway, of course, led to a busy street. I raced as fast my large belly would allow down the many steps, across the parking lot and down the steep driveway. Adam was fine. No cars. No blood. Didn’t even crash. No idea of my racing heart. Another time I looked outside to check on him and couldn’t see him. Down the stairs I went again. There was no Adam and no playmate. I gathered other moms and we scattered to search. One mom followed a trail that led to a convenience store and there they were. Needless to say, after that Adam only played outside if I was with him.

Adam & Melissa – Texas

We attended Longview Church of the Nazarene and they took us in with that fabulous southern hospitality. We enjoyed making friends in our small group of other young married couples and I sang in the choir.

Early one October morning I was awakened by a twinge of labor. Scott made “the call” to the station. Scott must have taken Adam to a friend’s house; I don’t remember cos I was a little busy. By mid morning we headed to the hospital. I was scheduled for a C-Section in three days so this changed the surgery schedule at the hospital and I labored “in line”. Scott made regular calls to the station so my progress could be announced on the radio. LOL! It seems the whole town was waiting to hear whether we were having a boy or a girl.

Abbey was born before noon. A girl! A precious little girl! And the call was made to the radio station. Larry of Longview had a new baby girl! I remember often looking at my belly and wondering what this baby would look like, what it would be like, what plans God had in mind for its life. And now here she was and we would begin to know all those things.  I was so thrilled to have a little girl. I had known for a long time what her name would be. I practiced writing it spelled all different ways and settled on Abbey. It looks so pretty written out. And Abbey means source of joy.

Abbey baby angel frame








We have a new daughter!
From heaven she fell,
A brand new creation and her name’s Abbey Del.
Her big brother, Adam, is proud as can be,
And there’s not a better big brother than he.

I became enthralled with pink. The church gave me a full on pink baby shower, our small group brought us a week of meals, and we even received some gifts from radio listeners. We were grateful to have Scott’s mom come and spend two weeks with us. She was such a help in every way.

Abbs & Mommy
Abbs & Daddy 6 wks
Abbs & Adam

Just as Adam was acquiring a southern accent, Colorado was beckoning. As much as we enjoyed our Texas church and friends, we were far from home and anything familiar. Scott took a job back in Denver at KYGO. We packed up our little family and headed to Aurora, Colorado.

#TexasSizedCockroaches #BugStorms #maam #MissCandy #WomenDontSweatTheyGlisten #TheirBacksGlisten #DoTheyTeachPhonicsInTexas


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